Andrey Goncharov

Andrey Goncharov

Software Engineer at Meta

wave Hi there 

information_source My name is Andrey G. I am a software engineer from London, UK. Primarily, I am a full-stack web developer (think React, Angular, Node.js), but I also have a keen interest in low-level stuff (hello, C) and finance (love-hate relationship with Pandas).

> G. stands for Goncharov. I wanted to save you the pain of reading my Cyrillic last name.

briefcase Full-stack (web, blockchain, and even a bit of embedded) at software consultancies (DSRDataArtarrow_right Headed front-end development at Hazelcast arrow_right Front-end at Bricks (next-gen spreadsheet web app) arrow_right Full-time maintainer of Flipper at Meta (ex-Facebook).

memo I write about tech in my small blog.

microphone Occasionally, I speak at conferences.

gb I help people get their Global Talent visas.

mortar_board I am currently pursuing a Master's in Computer Science (OMSCS) from Georgia Tech.

heart I love math, physics, rational thinking, and figuring out how things work. In my spare time, I enjoy hiking, snowboarding, boxing, and weight lifting.

Agenda Talks

Web & Mobile Con

10:15 to 11:00
10 Nov 2022

Applied history of the front-end

New trends, frameworks, libraries come, revolutionize the industry and eventually die.