Catalin Gheorghiu

Catalin Gheorghiu

Solution Architect at EPAM Romania

Catalin Gheorghiu is a Solution Architect at EPAM Romania. His current interests are in the area of (I)IoT, industrial mobile and cloud solutions. In addition to addressing the software development and architecture, Catalin is a trainer and consultant. In his spare time, he is contributing with articles and blogs (signed MrSmersh), presentations to several user groups/meetups (also is RONUA Timisoara user group leader), and lecturing all over Romania and abroad as a member of the technical community.
Since 2011, for the past consecutive years, he was awarded the Microsoft MVP Award. Currently, Catalin is also an awardee of the Intel Software Innovator Award and a Microsoft Certified Trainer.

Agenda Talks


10:20 to 11:50
09 Nov 2022

Azure Architectures

This session presents some Azure Architectures like event-driven architecture, message-based or microservices, along with the Azure services that supports their implementation.