Alina Dima

Alina Dima

Senior Developer Advocate at Amazon Web Services

Alina Dima is a Senior Developer Advocate in the IoT Ecosystem Services team at Amazon Web Services. She is passionate about helping developers accelerate their journeys in the IoT ecosystem, and working with IoT communities to build better and move faster, from prototype to scale. Alina has worked in various industries such as telecommunications, manufacturing, automotive, retail, and photovoltaic. With nearly 20 years of experience as a software engineer, technical delivery manager and architect, she has designed and built multiple highly scalable, operationally ready IoT solutions, with millions of devices running in production today. Alina has shared her knowledge at various events, such as re:Invent, AWS Summits and online Webinars.

Agenda Talks

Data, AI & ML Con

16:15 to 17:00
10 Nov 2022

Moving Past Prototypes: Ensuring data quality at scale in your IoT Application (Cloud and Edge)

The Internet of Things (IoT) opens the doors to use cases we deemed impossible in the past: connecting and reading data from machines we used to look at as black boxes, such as elevators, home routers, different sensors controlling temperature, humidity, room occupancy, to improve the quality of life, ensure operational efficiency, proactively monitor and control factories etc.

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