Dr. Humera Noor Minhas

Dr. Humera Noor Minhas

Director of Engineering at Eyeo GmbH

Dr. Humera developed her love for data early on in her professional life and is still amazed by its power. She did her doctorate in machine learning and computer vision; and has over twenty years of experience in leading teams working with big data. She is passionate about making a difference in people's lives and that is reflected in the projects she takes up.

In particular, user autonomy on the web is very close to her heart and she dedicated several years building and evaluating data-based solutions for online search, privacy and content filtering. Currently, Dr. Humera is the Director of Engg. at Eyeo and in charge of ad-filtering enablement using conventional and machine learning-based solutions.

Agenda Talks

Data, AI & ML Con

10:15 to 11:00
10 Nov 2022

Building a machine learning-based ad filter from scratch

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